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Avigliano Umbro (Umbria)

Avigliano Umbro is a tiny medieval village which lies in the south-western Amerino region. These hills are rich in forests housing beech, elder, chestnut and oak trees, and are between the Citernella and Martani mountains at an altitude of about 400m above sea level. There’s an ancient castle from the IX century, in the vicinity of Avigliano Umbro, that dominates the farmland used to cultivate for MAIA. In this estate of over 1000 hectares, of which many are dedicated to pastures and woods, a large number of plant species are grown: spelt, barley, oats, wheat, lentils, chick peas, grass peas, flax. This farm is characterized by its optimum location. Surrounded by green forests, it is easy to spot deer, wild boar, pheasant and many species of birds while visiting the fields. In addition, it is a great place to gather delicious mushrooms and even black truffles. The biodiversity of this area makes it a perfect place to grow organically.