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Bianze' (Piedmont)

Bianzè is a small town that lies amidst the humid rice paddies of Vercelli. The town fits into part of a very picturesque landscape. Towards the south-east, the plains extend as far as the eye can see, contrasting with the massive peaks of the Pennine Alps, and running directly into the plainlands of the Po Valley. The farm that grows for MAIA covers an area of over 200 hectares and is dedicated exclusively to the production and processing of rice. The cultivation of rice is very special, considering that the fields are literally flooded, because rice grows only in these particular conditions of stagnation. The result is a truly spectacular sight. In the spring, the countryside is transformed into a mosaic of lakes, reflecting the mountain peaks that are still covered in snow. The rice processing takes place within the farm, through a combination of traditional and innovative techniques, such as stone "husking" and optical sorting. This guarantees that only the highest quality rice is always obtained.