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Centallo (Piedmont)

Centallo is a small town located in the lowlands of the Piedmont region, stretching from the Cottian Alps – known for their summit of Monte Viso (3841m) – to the headwaters of the River Po and the Langhe. The Langhe is a territory that is richly famous for its food and wine traditions (among which include Barolo wine, black and white truffles, and hazelnuts). The town is located 424 m above sea level, between the banks of the Stura and the Grana rivers. The large supply of water comes directly from the peaks of the Alps, making it possible to irrigate the soil on this plain, thus making it possible to coltivate every type of bean. Centallo is historically the most excellent production area for beans, since being introduced to this region in the beginning of the 17th Century.
The farm that grows for MAIA, is dedicated mainly to leguminous crops, especially beans – pinto or “borlotti” beans, cannellini beans, red beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, but they also produce peas and soybeans. The peculiarity of these crops is the machining, or more precisely, how the machines are used to fight against weeds during the growing season, working between the rows of plants to keep the fields free from weeds. After being harvested, the beans are dried immediately, sorted and selected by the farm itself. This allows us to guarantee freshness and a high-quality product.