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Civita Castellana (Lazio)

The town of Civita Castellana is located in an sloping area, predominantly of volcanic origin, near the Cimini mountains. The environment is characterized by the ancient volcanic activity, resulting in red soil, commonly referred to as "red tuff", caused by the solidified lava eruptions. The slow, but continual erosion of the tributaries of the Tevere river has also shaped the landscape, creating deep, narrow valleys with sheer vertical walls (called "Ravines") covered with vegetation that surround the vast fertile plains. There are two farms that coltivate for MAIA in this town, predominantly providing lentils and millet. For a long time, these two species have been found to grow in these hills. This area is also famous for the cultivation of "gentle Roman" hazelnut varieties, which produce excellent creams. One of the two farms also has a vegetable garden and sells their produce directly from their fields.