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Gubbio (Umbria)

Gubbio is an ancient city of Roman origin, located in the vicinity of the Chiascio river, in a predominantly mountainous and hilly area, except for the lowlands that were created by the small Saonda stream. This is where the city itself lies. The farm that grows for MAIA situated at the foot of the hills surrounding Gubbio, on the edge of the lowlands, is part of a rural setting, surrounded by fields and farmhouses. It is also outlined by a forest of over 450 hectares, where nature trails wind through beautiful lakes, green meadows and trees. Walking along the paths that branch out in the woods of the farm, you can enjoy hunting for truffles. These delicious tubers can be found in the fertile hills, as it is an ideal place for them to grow. On the farm, cereals and legumes are grown – especially those in the spring-summer cycle. In addition to their farming, they are very active in agritourism. On the inside of the estate, there is a beautiful Italian-style garden designed