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Spello (Umbria)

Spello is a small town of Roman origin, lying at the foot of Mount Subasio, atop a hill overlooking the Umbrian valley. This valley, also called "Spoletana" is made up of broad and extensive flood plains formerly occupied by two lakes, the Lacus Clitorius and Lacus Umber, now drained and reclaimed, the only trace remaining of the ancient lakes are the springs of Clitunno. The river Topino and its tributaries, including the river Clitunno flow through the valley. The Apennine Mountain chain border the east side of the valley, while the Martani Mountains border the west side.
The biodynamic farm that cultivates for MAIA can be found within these fertile alluvial plains. In addition to growing cereal grains and pastures, they dedicate their time to raising Chianina cattle. The specialties of the farm are grains that grow in succession to lush meadows, through the use of biodynamic techniques and cow manure.