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Tuscania (Lazio)

Tuscania is a charming old town, characterized by the warm colors of the tufa stones, found in the walls and watchtowers that still surround it. This territory was created out of the explosive activity of three major volcanoes: the Vulsini, the Vicano, and the Cimino. This entire province’s beauty and richness have everything to do with the geological nature of the territory. The terrain is rich in elements, that are particularly valuable for the development of agriculture.
This territory is mostly hilly, characterized by Lazio’s flourishing and rough inland Maremma region, the slopes of the Maremma coastal areas, and the succession of plains and ravines that make up Viterbo’s inland Etruria. The horizon is outlined by ridges and ravines, that are rich in vegetation, and the river Marta and its tributaries flow through it, making this landscape both remarkable and admirable.
The farm in Tuscania cultivates linseed, cereal grains, and legumes for MAIA, including two particular varieties – black lentils and black chickpeas – which have found an ideal habitat in these lands. The farm also raises livestock, including a herd of Chianina cattle.