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Couscous with Saffron & Mushrooms

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– 1 ¾ cup couscous
– 200 g Champignon mushrooms thinly sliced and bottom part of the stem removed
– 200 g aged Pecorino cheese in flakes
– garlic powder
– a packet of saffron
– 4 branches of marjoram
– 4 tbsps. EVO
– lemon juice to taste
– vinegar to taste
– 30 g pine nuts
– salt to taste
– black pepper to taste freshly ground


Place the couscous in a bowl, preferably in terracotta, add a drizzle of EVO and mix well. Meanwhile, in a pan, heat 1¾ cups of salted water or vegetable broth also adding the packet of saffron. As soon as the water/broth is boiling, pour it over the couscous and, without stirring, let it rest, covered by a lid. After 10 minutes, toss with a fork and set aside. Then, marinate the mushrooms in a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar for ab. 4-5 minutes. Meanwhile, toast the pine nuts in a small non-stick pan. Right after, stir the Pecorino flakes over the couscous, also adding mushrooms and marjoram leaves. Add salt and black pepper to taste and mix well. Divide the couscous mixture between serving bowls, garnish with pine nuts on top and serve.

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