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Split Pea Purée & Caprino Creamy Barley

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– 250 g split peas
– 200 g barley
– 1 onion sliced
– 1 l vegetable broth
– 2 potatoes diced
– 4 tbsps. fresh caprino cheese
– 1 dash of black pepper
– 1 dash of salt
– some mint leaves
– EVO to taste


In 2 separate bowls soak the barley and the peas for 2 hours, then rinse, drain and set aside. Meanwhile, in a pan, sauté the onion for a couple of minutes, then add in the barley and some of the vegetable broth, keeping gradually adding it as required until the barley is completely cooked, ab. 30 minutes. Then, place the potatoes in a pot along with the split peas and let them parboil for ab. 20 minutes, until they soften. Then, by using an immersion blender, blend the potato and pea mixture until obtaining a creamy texture, add more vegetable broth if necessary. At this point, combine the pea purée to the barley and, while gently stirring, let it cream with 2 tablespoons of caprino cheese and a little EVO. Finally, dress with some salt and black pepper to taste and garnish with small caprino quenelles and a few mint leaves. Serve immediately.