Organic Peas

[Pisum sativum]

Peas are native to western Asia and North Africa: in fact, wild peas can still be found in Afghanistan, Iran, and Ethiopia. They seem to have been first cultivated at the beginning of agriculture in the Middle East, perhaps as long as 10’000 years ago. By 4’000 years ago, peas had spread throughout Europe and east into India becoming, thanks to the possibility of long conservation, the staple food of many populations of the time.

Peas are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and PP; moreover, thanks to the high content of vitamin C together with the presence of Chlorophyll, they are incredibly beneficial to the immune system. Peas also contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Also, they have essential fibers that help to regulate intestinal functions and they provide energy and nutrition being, for this reason, highly recommended in cases of fatigue and weakness.

The Hulled Peas we offer are processed through a de-huller that partially removes the skin to make them more digestible and to reduce cooking time.

* Chefs Tips *

60 minutes of cooking
pre-soaking not required
[still they will cook more quickly if soaked for a couple of hours prior to cooking]

*Before using Peas rinse them thoroughly under running water and remove any debris that you may find

*Find the perfect texture by tasting your Peas while cooking 

*Warm your winter up by preparing a creamy HULLED Pea Spinach & Potato Soup or a HULLED Pea & 4 Cheeses Quiche 

*Go 100% green with a HULLED Pea & Minty Pea Purée Risotto or a savoury HULLED Pea & Oat Porridge

*Add a touch of Italy to your meal by having a HULLED Pea & Ricotta Focaccia

*Fill your dishes with exotic aromas and prepare a HULLED Pea Coconut Stew

*Never forget a drizzle of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

*Still hungry? Have more here!