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Barley Sartù with Vegetarian Ragù

By 11 Febbraio 2020 Marzo 13th, 2020 No Comments



– 320 g barley
– 2 aubergines diced
– 1 red pepper cut into small strips
– 1 yellow pepper cut into small strips
– 4 leeks cut into rounds and outer leaves removed
– 4 garlic cloves finely minced
– 1 red chilli pepper crumbled
– 2 tsps. thyme
– 6 tbsps. EVO
– a pinch of salt


Fill a pot with abundant salted water and cook the barley for ab. 30-35 minutes so that it will be “al dente”. Meanwhile, in a wok-pan respectively fry aubergine, leeks and pepper in abundant EVO. Once fried, place the vegetables in a terrine, add salt to taste, a teaspoon of thyme and mix well. Then, in a small pot, warm 6 tablespoons of EVO over medium heat together with the red chilli pepper and the garlic. As soon as garlic becomes brown-gold and crispy turn the heat off. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Then, place barley in a pre-oiled baking pan and dress it with the EVO, garlic and chilli mixture and 1 teaspoon of thyme. Create a small space in the middle and fill it with the fried vegetables. Flatten the surface, put it in the oven and bake it for ab. 15 minutes. Serve it warm.