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Barley Snow Peas & Curried Octopus

By 11 Febbraio 2020 Marzo 13th, 2020 No Comments



– 400 g barley
– 200 g snow peas
– 4 artichoke hearts cut into slices
– 1 fresh octopus
– 1 tbsp. EVO, a pinch of parsley
– 1 garlic clove minced
– ½ lemon juice
– 1 tbsp. curry
– a pinch of black pepper freshly ground
– 1 cup white wine


Fill a pot with abundant salted water and cook the barley for ab. 40-45 minutes. While barley is cooking, use the boiling water to steam cook snow peas and artichoke hearts for 10-15 minutes. Once cooked, set aside. Meanwhile, clean the octopus tentacle by tentacle in order to eliminate any residue and remove the innards and the eyes. Then, wash thoroughly the inner part of the head under running cold water and soak the octopus in boiling water mixed with the juice of ½ lemon and ½ cup of white wine. Let it cook for ab. 40 minutes over low flame. Then, drain the octopus, wash it under running water and dice it. Meanwhile, in a pot, sauté ½ garlic clove, EVO and parsley for 4-5 minutes. Add in octopus and curry and sauté for a couple of minutes more.  In the meantime, in another pan, sauté the remaining garlic in a little EVO for a couple of minutes. Then, add in snow beans, artichokes and let everything sauté for 3-4 more minutes. Sprinkle with some black pepper.

Finally, combine the vegetable together with barley and octopus in a large bowl and stir well. Add a final drizzle of EVO right before serving.