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Borlotti Beans Asparagus & Fillets of Red Mullet

By 18 Febbraio 2020 Marzo 13th, 2020 No Comments



– 250 g Borlotti beans
– 100 g asparagus chopped
– 1 garlic clove
– 1 onion coarsely chopped
– 1 tomato chopped into quarters
– 1 bay leaf
– 8 red mullet fillets scaled
– salt to taste
– EVO to taste


Soak the Borlotti beans overnight in cold water; then rinse, drain and cook them for ab. 50-60 minutes in abundant salted water along with the garlic, onion, tomato and the bay leaf. Once cooked, remove the vegetables and place the beans in a saucepan along with a little of their cooking broth. Meanwhile, in a pan, heat a drizzle of EVO and sauté the asparaguses with a pinch of salt for ab. 2 minutes. Then, combine them to the beans and let simmer for a couple of minutes. Right after, in a separate pan, heat a little EVO with 2 pinches of salt and sear the mullet on the side (skin up). Finally, arrange a bed of beans and asparaguses on a plate and lay the grilled fish on top. Serve immediately.