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Breaded Cicerchia Cutlets

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– 280 g cicerchia
– 5 tbsps. breadcrumbs
– 4 tbsps. chickpea flour
– a pinch of curry
– 2 tsps. parsley
– ½ onion finely minced
– a pinch of red chilli pepper ground
– ½ garlic clove
– a pinch of salt
– a pinch of baking soda
– rosemary to taste
– a bay leaf
– EVO to taste
– lemon juice to taste
– salad to taste
– cherry tomatoes to taste cut in half
– ketchup sauce to dip the cutlets


Soak the cicerchia for 2 hours in cold water, then rinse and drain. Right after, place the cicerchia in a terracotta pot along with a little EVO, a bay leaf, onion and a pinch of baking soda; add abundant water and let it cook for ab. 60 minutes. When almost done, add in the salt. As soon as the cicerchia has cooked, drain and put it in a bowl along with a little of its cooking water. Then, blend the cicerchia by using an immersion blender. Once the cicerchia has turned into a cream, add in breadcrumbs, chickpea flour, curry, parsley, red chilli pepper and salt to taste. Knead the mixture until obtaining a quite solid texture (not too solid or once cooked it would be too dry) and shape it into cutlets. They can be either cooked in the oven pre-heated at 180°C for 20-25 minutes or fried in a pan with a little oil. Once cooked, add a drizzle of lemon juice and serve with salad, tomatoes and some ketchup on the side.