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Brown Lentils Asparagus & Pine nuts

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– 200 g brown lentils
– 1 stalk of celery
– 4 carrots
– 10 asparaguses
– 1 orange juiced
– 1 baby onion finely sliced
– 3 tbsps. pine nuts toasted
– 1 tsp. chives chopped
– EVO to taste


Rinse thoroughly the brown lentils; then drain, fill a pot with abundant water and boil the lentils for ab. 40 minutes along with the celery and 1 carrot, adding salt just 5 minutes before the end of cooking. Once cooked, drain and set the lentils aside saving their cooking water. Then, bring the lentils broth to a boil and cook the remaining carrots and the asparaguses until they soften. Meanwhile, prepare the vinaigrette by emulsifying the orange juice along with EVO, chives and a pinch of salt. Once cooked, drain the vegetables, then dice carrots and slice the asparaguses, setting the tips aside. Right after, in a pan, heat a little EVO and slightly sauté spring onion along with carrots and asparaguses for a couple of minutes. Then, pour the vegetables in a large terrine and mix in the lentils, adding a pinch of salt if necessary. Stir well. Garnish with asparagus tips, sprinkle pine nuts on top and serve along with orange vinaigrette on the side.