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Cicerchia Radicchio & Toma Warm Salad

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– 300 g cicerchia
– 4 little bunches of Radicchio cut into fine strips
– 200 g toma-style cheese made from raw cow's milk diced
– EVO to taste
– salt to taste
– pepper to taste


Soak the cicerchia for 2 hours in cold water, then rinse, drain and cook the cicerchia for ab. 50-60 minutes in abundant water. When the cicerchia is cooked, drain and place it in a bowl. While the cicerchia is still warm, add in the radicchio and the toma cheese so that the heat will lightly melt the toma and provide a nice contrast between the cheese softness and the crunchy radicchio. Dress with EVO, salt and pepper to taste and mix well. Serve immediately.