Organic Cous Cous

[Gluten Free]

Couscous is a North African speciality, whose name in Arabic means “food”. It was originally made by sprinkling the semolina obtained from durum wheat with water and working it by hand in order to create little granules to cook by steaming. Hand-making couscous is a long process; in traditional cultures, women would gather together for days and prepare large amounts of couscous, which would dry under the hot African sun and last for months.

Nowadays, machines have replaced the couscous hand-making process; moreover the final product is gently pre-steamed and dried to reduce cooking time to just few minutes.

Our couscous selection is made with products coming from MAIAORGANIC’s qualified farms only. 

In order to obtain the best balance between the original couscous taste and the highest nutritional value, we decide to use different raw ingredients in our recipes such as gluten-free buckwheat and millet and chickpeas for their high content of protein and fiber. This combination of grains and legumes produces a well-balanced nutrition: in fact the ratio of protein and carbohydrates is ideal and all the essential aminoacids are represented. Furthermore, the grains of cereals and legumes we use are cold-milled with a traditional stone-mill, that allows keeping intact the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of each product. 

MAIAORGANIC Couscous selection:

[All of our couscous blends are made with gluten-free ingredients]

Buckwheat & Chickpeas Couscous: very rich in protein and fiber with a unique flavour.  

Millet & Buckwheat Couscous: a delicate taste makes it the perfect side dish for every recipe.

Farro-Emmer Couscous: nutty flavour and delightful texture for a healty and tasty dish. 

* Chefs Tips *

1/2 cup of couscous per person + ½ cup of water or broth per cup of couscous
Put the couscous in a low, wide container -preferably Terracotta- add a drizzle of olive oil and mix well.
Meanwhile boil some water with salt or vegetable broth in a pan.
As soon as the water is boiling pour it onto the couscous without stirring, cover and let it rest for 10 minutes.
Finally, take a fork and toss the couscous.
Serve as desired.

*Jazz up your Couscous with fried Onions, Mint & Coriander. Add a little fruit and spices for a savoury dinner  

*Throw together a wholesome and fragrant Couscous + Crunchy Vegetables & Feta in your vegetarian lunchbox 

*Comfort food without calories? Prepare a Pumpkin Cranberry & Red Onion Tagine! Easy to double or triple so that you can either spoil yourself or a crowd during home parties. 

*Add a little touch of Italy to your meal by having a Tricolore Couscous Salad or a Couscous & Pesto Savoury Pie +Taleggio Cream 

*Smell the aromas of the North African tradition by trying the spicy Algerian Couscous or the typical Tunisian Couscous au poulet 

*Never forget a drizzle of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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