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Couscous Warm Salad

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– 2 ½ cups couscous
– 150 g black chickpeas
– 200 g marinated sun-dried tomatoes coarsely chopped
– 5 zucchinis diced
– 1 scallion finely chopped
– 1 tbsp. sesame seeds
– 1 tbsp. poppy seeds
– 1 lemon zest grated and juiced
– EVO to taste
– turmeric to taste
– cumin to taste
– salt to taste


Soak the chickpeas for 12 hours in cold water, then rinse, drain and cook the chickpeas for ab. 90 minutes in abundant salted water. Once cooked, drain and set the chickpeas aside. Then, place the couscous in a bowl, preferably in terracotta, add a drizzle of EVO and mix well. Meanwhile, in pan, heat 2 ½ cups of salted water or vegetable broth. As soon as the water/broth is boiling, pour it over the couscous and, without stirring, let it rest, covered by a lid. After 10 minutes, toss with a fork and set aside. Then, in a non-stick pan, heat some EVO and sauté the scallion along with zucchinis for a few minutes. Right after, incorporate the chickpeas, stir well and add ½ cup of water, letting cook for 5 more minutes. At this point, turn the flame off and add turmeric and cumin to taste. Stir to well combine the spices to the vegetables and let them cool. In the meantime, in a separate non-stick pan, toast the sesame and poppy seeds for 1 minute. Once they are slightly browned, mix all of the ingredients together in a large salad bowl, also including the marinated sun-dried tomatoes. Stir well. Add the lemon zest and its juice, a pinch of salt and a final drizzle of EVO just before serving.