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Nonna’s Oat & Chicken Soup

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– 70 g oat grains
– 1 medium yellow onion coarsely chopped
– 1 garlic clove coarsely chopped
– 1 whole stalk of celery coarsely chopped
– 2 organic whole chicken legs
– 4 carrots coarsely chopped
– 2 tbsps. EVO
– 6 Roma tomatoes chopped into eighths
– 160 g green beans trimmed and cut into 2,5 cm pieces
– 2 bay leaves
– 100 g green olives pitted
– ½ tsp. dried oregano
– 2 cinnamon sticks
– 1 tsp. whole cumin seeds
– 1 tsp. cumin ground
– salt to taste


Place 2 tablespoons of EVO into a deep cooking pot. Add the onion, garlic and celery to the pot and sauté over a medium flame until the vegetables have softened, while frequently stirring. Meanwhile, cut the chicken legs in half at the knee joint and add to the pot. Sauté until lightly browned, stirring frequently. Add the carrots to the pot and 4 cups of water letting simmer over a medium flame. When it comes to a boil, turn the flame down and allow simmering for ab. 1 hour, until the chicken has cooked through and the meat is falling off the bone. Remove the bones and cut any remaining meat from them. Add the meat back to the broth and discard the bones. Right after, add tomatoes and green beans to the soup. Then, also add the oat grains along with 2 more cups of water. Add in all the spices and the olives. Cook it covered over a low flame for 1 hour.

Serve it hot adding a final drizzle of EVO and some salt to taste.

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