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Red Lentil Soft Robiola & Rice Leek Roulade

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– 70 g red lentils
– 100 g aromatic long rice
– 100 g leek outer leaves
– 30 g robiola soft cheese
– 1 tbsp. EVO
– 2 dashes of salt


Rinse thoroughly the red lentils; then drain, fill a pot with abundant salted water and boil the lentils for ab. 20 minutes. Once cooked, drain and set aside. Meanwhile, wash and dry the outer leaves of leeks, then cook them in boiling salted water for ab. 5 minutes, drain and lay them on a cloth to dry. Right after, in the same pan, cook the aromatic long rice for ab. 15 minutes. Once cooked, drain the rice and place it in a bowl adding in the lentils, the robiola and some salt. Stir well. Then, by using a spoon, put the mixture in the centre of each leek leaf, close as a package and seal with kitchen twine. Steam the leek rolls for ab. 6 minutes and serve them dressed by a drizzle of EVO.