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Shrimp & Zucchini Black Rice

By 13 Marzo 2020 No Comments



– 300 g black rice
– 200 g medium shrimps shelled and deveined
– 2 zucchinis diced
– 1 tbsp. chives finely chopped
– 1 scallion chopped
– 1 cup white wine
– EVO to taste
– salt to taste


Fill a pot with abundant salted water and boil the rice for ab. 40 minutes. Once cooked, drain and set the rice aside. Meanwhile, in a non-stick frying pan, heat some EVO and sauté the scallion for a few minutes, before also adding in the zucchinis. Continue cooking over high flame for a few minutes and then incorporate the shrimps and the white wine. Let it simmer until reduced. Finally, add the rice to the pan, stirring until well combined to the zucchinis and shrimps. Right before turning the flame off, also add in the chives. Serve hot. 

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