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Vegan Farro Chilli

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– 200 g farro
– 180 g hulled chickpeas
– 250 g red lentils
– 180 g millet
– 800 g can of crushed tomatoes
– 8 tbsps. EVO
– 1 large yellow onion chopped
– 2 shallots chopped
– 8 small garlic cloves finely chopped
– 1 tbsp. ginger peeled and grated
– 3 tbsps. chilli powder
– 1 tsp. cumin ground
– 1 Serrano pepper seeded and finely chopped
– 1 chipotle pepper minced
– 2 l vegetable broth
– salt to taste
– 1 avocado pitted peeled and small diced
– black olives to taste finely sliced


Soak the chickpeas for 2 hours in cold water, then rinse, drain and cook the chickpeas for ab. 20 minutes in a pot with abundant water. Meanwhile, in a separate large pot, heat a little EVO and sauté the onion and the shallots over medium flame. As soon as the onion softens up and gets a bit translucent, add in the garlic, ginger, chilli powder and cumin. Stir well and cook for a couple of minutes, until all of the ingredients get quite fragrant. Then, stir in the Serrano and chipotle peppers along with tomatoes and 8 cups of vegetable broth. At this point, add in the previously drained chickpeas, along with farro and millet, stirring well between each addiction. Bring to a boil. Right after, reduce heat to low and simmer. After ab. 20 minutes, also stir in red lentils and keep simmering for 20-25 minutes more or until the lentils and grains are cooked through. Add more broth or water if needed and more chipotle or salt to taste. Finally, add a generous drizzle of EVO, top with the avocado and black olives and serve.