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Walnut Bread

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10 Slices

– 350 g buckwheat flour
– 470 ml approx. non-boiling hot water
– 80 g walnuts coarsely chopped
– 40 g dark linseed
– 30 ml EVOO
– 15 g psyllium peel meal
– 14 g FR/6.5 g SE fresh/dry brewer's yeast
– 7 g SO/11 g GI soya lecithin/sputtered sunflower lecithin
– 7 g salt


Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. (buckwheat flour, psyllium peel flour, walnuts, salt, freshly chopped linseed). Dust the lecithin with a grinder. Mix it with hot but not boiling water, incorporate the yeast and let it activate for 5 minutes. Then add the oil. Pour the liquid mixture into the flour with the seeds and amalgamate, it must be a relatively soft dough. If necessary, add a little water. Transfer into a 26 cm plum cake mould with oil greased baking paper. Leave to rise for 40 minutes per hour in a warm and sheltered place—Bake at 175 °C for about 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, carefully remove the bread from the mould and bake for another 15 minutes—cool upside down on a grill. You can then slice it and biscuit the slices in the oven for 40 minutes at 150 °C, turning the pieces halfway through cooking.