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Moros y Cristianos

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– 400 g black beans
– 280 g long aromatic rice 1 onion chopped
– 2 garlic cloves minced
– 2 sweet peppers chopped
– EVO to taste
– cumin to taste ground
– 1 bay leaf
– vinegar to taste


Soak the black beans overnight in cold water; then rinse, drain and cook them for ab. 50-60 minutes in abundant salted water. Once cooked, drain the beans, setting aside 3 cups of their cooking water. Meanwhile, in a pan, heat a little EVO and sauté the onion along with 1 garlic clove and sweet peppers. Then, in a saucepan, place the rice along with the saved beans cooking water, the remaining garlic, cumin, bay leaf, a little vinegar and the beans. Cook for ab. 20 minutes, covered with a lid. Finally, combine the rice and bean mixture to the peppers saucepan, stirring until well amalgamated. Drizzle with some EVO and serve.