Organic Millet

[Panicum miliaceum]

It is believed that the origin of millet is to be found in Asia and Africa, where it was already cultivated over 7000 years ago during the Neolithic Era and then spread throughout the world as a staple food. In Italy, millet was widely consumed, especially in Northern regions where, before the introduction of corn, it was often used in the original recipe of polenta. Millet was also a common ingredient for the preparation of a particular kind of large, flatbread in Asia and Africa. Even today, a similar type of bread called “injera” or “millet bread” is still very popular in Africa. 

Due to its high thermal requirements millet is cultivated in temperate regions. Similarly to corn, it grows fast and, in optimal conditions, can produce abundant quantities. 

Introducing millet into a balanced diet is the right, not only for the tasty, sweet and delicate flavour, but also because it is very digestible and low in calories. Moreover, the cereal contains vitamins A, B1, B3, E and is extremely rich in minerals salts such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, fluorine and silicon. It also presents a considerable quantity of silicic acid, which brings beneficial effects to nails, hair, skin and tooth enamel and it contains a substantial amount of lipids, consisting mainly of unsaturated fatty acids. 

The original seed of our Hulled Millet is round, small and covered by an outermost layer of a leathery integument. This layer is impossible to chew and has no special nutritional benefits, for which reason, the seed is processed to remove it.

* Chefs Tips *

Hulled Millet
40 minutes of cooking
pre-soaking not required

*Before using Millet rinse it thoroughly under running water and remove any debris that you may find

*Find the perfect texture by tasting your Millet while cooking 

*Offer yourself an easy and healthy appetizer by having Millet & Pumpkin Balls or some Millet Sushi

*Fight the cold season with a spicy Millet & Veggies Soup or some tasty oven-backed Millet topped with fresh grated Cheese

*Fill your kitchen with a minty-lemony aroma while preparing Millet with Artichokes & Thyme

*Travel from the Caribbean to India with a Cuban Inspired Millet or a Vegan Curried Millet recipe

*Never forget a drizzle of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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