Organic Soups

Dry soups

Often considered a poor dish, soups have been part of the Italian tradition since ancient times. The word Zuppa – Italian for Soup – appears already around the sixteenth century when the most impoverished families used to eat dry old bread dipped in a broth of legumes and vegetables, coming from their garden. The name comes from the Gothic suppa, which means “soaked slice”.

Natural, terroir and nutrient dish, Italian soups are mainly prepared with Vegetables and Legumes – often combined with Cereals or Bread – but sometimes also meat or fish. Still today, each region counts endless typical recipes part of the local gastronomy such as Ribollita from Tuscany, Brodetto from Marche and Abruzzo or Zuppa Imperiale from Emilia-Romagna.

Our selection of soups – including Barley & Legumes, Rice & Legumes and Farro & Legumes – represents the perfect mix of ancient tastes and countryside gastronomic culture; an ideal match of textures and colors creating an incredible assortment of blends characterized by unique nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Each blend has been created by our research and development team mixing rustic flavors, rediscovered foods and highly digestible products so that, choosing taste, does not mean giving up wellbeing.

In the kitchen, you can enjoy each selection as a single dish, naturally, seasoned with just a drizzle of oil or combined with vegetables of your choice. Each blend also guarantees an adequate supply of nutrients necessary for the body such as fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

* Chefs Tips *


*Before using our Soups rinse them thoroughly under running water and remove any debris that you may find

*Find the perfect texture by tasting your Soup while cooking

*Soak your Soup for 2 hours before cooking to speed up the process

*Need some comfort food? Try our Zuppa del Contadino with Pumpkin!

*Stay healthy by mixing our Soups with seasonal ingredients, your imagination and lots of love!

*Longing for terroir aromas? Enjoy the Zuppa del Casale with Black Cabbage!

*Feeling lazy? Just go for an empty-fridge recipe using any veggie you find in your kitchen!

*Surprise your guest with a traditional dish – try our Zuppa della Nonna with Mushrooms!

*Never forget a drizzle of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil